The Situation

For a growing number of families, protecting the financial future of a family member with special needs is both an important and personal decision. At First Financial Trust, we’re well versed in administering Special Needs Trusts. 

We are dedicated to protecting both the financial future of all beneficiaries and serving as an alternate economic resource for the diverse needs of the individual with special needs. 

One of our clients needed help administering a Special Needs Trust for their daughter. They wanted to give her the independence of living on her own by providing her with the financial and personal support of the right investments and trust officers who would make sure she is safe and receives the best care.

We make wealth management understandable and achievable for everyone involved. Our investment management approach takes a holistic view and simplifies and organizes what can be overwhelming and challenging.

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Our Solution

There is a tremendous hands-on aspect to administering a Special Needs Trust. As part of our relationship building with our clients, we get deeply involved. 

We worked closely with the family’s special needs trust attorney, who created the trust document. Our role as fiduciary was key in administering the trust to provide everything for their daughter including food, clothing, shelter, therapy, medication, in-home care, education and even discretionary funds for items such as electronics, travel and entertainment. 

As a true fiduciary, we took the administrative burden off the family and helped them give their daughter the independence she so wanted in a safe and financially sound way.