Market Update – October 3, 2022

Wall Street ended a very tepid month of September on a downswing. Each of the benchmark indexes listed here lost value last week, as investors continued to worry about the impact the Federal Reserve policies will have on the economy.

Market Update – September 26, 2022

Investors endured their second harrowing week in a row as the Federal Reserve continued to raise interest rates aggressively to combat inflation.

Market Update – September 19, 2022

Inflation is still rising, albeit at a slower pace, according to the latest data out last week. This will likely support further interest-rate increases from the Federal Reserve and worries of a resulting economic recession.

Market Update – September 12, 2022

Are investors accepting the Federal Reserve’s hawkish path to reduce inflation? Last week’s market performance may lend credence to that possibility.

Market Update – September 6, 2022

Equities suffered losses for the third consecutive week, as investors anticipated continued aggressive moves by the Federal Reserve to combat inflation.

Market Update – August 29, 2022

Despite evidence that inflation may be slowing, the central bank is committed to fighting inflation, according to last Friday’s speech from Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell.

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