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Our equity approach combines both active and passive management into a flexible strategy creating portfolios with the potential to outperform broader markets through traditional and alternative investment vehicles.

For some clients, the equity allocation in a portfolio may be weighted toward index-tracking exchange traded funds (ETFs) and/or low cost mutual funds. The remainder of the equity allocation may be directed toward actively-managed ETFs and mutual funds from sectors that we believe present the best opportunities at that time to either outperform the overall market or to further diversify the portfolio.

For others, particularly those clients who have long-established positions in individual securities, the equity allocation may be weighted toward individual equities with consideration for sector diversification deemed prudent at the time of purchase. This program is governed by our belief that marketplace volatility is here to stay and that diversifying a portfolio among several different types of asset classes is the smartest way to handle this volatility.

Fixed Income

Whether seeking to provide stable income or to enhance diversification, bonds can be an attractive option. As economic conditions change, maturities are lengthened to enhance return or shortened to protect principal. Actively investing in government, corporate bonds and preferred stocks can provide high current income while minimizing the impact of inflation through appreciation. This strategy focuses on maximizing return by actively managing the duration of the portfolio, searching for potential credit upgrades and swapping between bond sectors.

First Financial Trust also manages municipal bonds for clients who would benefit from tax exempt securities as part of their overall portfolio.

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